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    How to install the power management chip? Charge management chip

    2021-8-13 9:44:57

    1. Battery charging control chip

    The interface works normally. Generally, hdudio will be noted on the connector, and the English abbreviation on the corresponding motherboard is udio( There are four types of connector characteristics (one less in two rows, which is easier to identify). It is responsible for the brightness of computer start key, computer restart key, power indicator light and hard disk indicator light respectively, mainly including start key and restart key, and the other two are optional., The plug-in mode is relatively complex, which can be inserted according to the character prompt on the motherboard. It should be noted that the power indicator is divided into positive and negative poles. Do not make any mistake., The last type is the line on the hardware configuration, such as the corresponding letter "cpufn" on the CPU fan motherboard, which is mainly used to drive the CPU radiator we just installed., For the fan heater on the chassis, the acronym corresponding to the main board is "sys-fn", which is mainly responsible for driving the machine

    2. Power management chip problem

    The impedance of zinc material makes it the best choice; For applications from MHz to hundreds of GHz, nickel zinc material is recommended. Mn Zn ferrite magnetic rings are generally used in the frequency range of kHz to MHz. It can make magnetic cores, magnetic heads and antenna rods of inductors, transformers and filters. Nickel zinc ferrite magnetic ring can be used to make magnetic cores of medium cycle transformer, magnetic head, short wave antenna rod, tuned inductor reactor and magnetic saturation amplifier. Its application scope and product maturity are much better than manganese zinc ferrite magnetic ring. Why does the magnetic core current probe have derating curve indicators?, Why does the magnetic core current probe have derating curve indicators?, The magnetic core current probe can test DC and AC current, and the methods used to test DC and high-frequency AC current signals are different. Measure DC and low frequency AC

    3. Cypress chip

    Resume the operation and collect the logs. I'll go to the company right away. " As soon as I heard about the problem of Xianwang, I was suddenly awake with a confused face, which can't tolerate any carelessness. Get dressed quickly and take a taxi straight to the company., Fortunately, the problem was quickly located. The existing network server had a network card failure before. The customer unpacked the server, pulled out the two network cards to wipe the golden finger, and switched the slot position when inserting, resulting in the change of the PCI bus number of the network card. In order to prevent customers from installing other network cards privately and causing compatibility problems, the new version of the code makes a mandatory verification, but this scenario of changing the location of the network card is not taken into account“ Who designed this function to add to the snake! There is no problem with the old version. This is a fatal bug. I ask you to go back! " Although I didn't develop the function

    4. Mobile power chip

    In this era, this is why cabinet brands in the exhibition hall will make a Zhongdao kitchen support scene., In fact, it goes without saying that many people like Zhongdao kitchen, but they always feel that a large house type can be arranged. In fact, Zhongdao kitchen is not directly related to the area of the house type, but related to the three main points of the house type., Three layout preconditions,, the layout of the restaurant and kitchen must be connected between the restaurant and kitchen, and the relatively independent house type of the kitchen and restaurant is not enough.,, The wall between the dining room and the kitchen can be removed, or at least the protruding distance is no more than cm. It can be arranged. If the wall between the dining room and the kitchen is a load-bearing wall and protrudes too much, it will not work.,, The net size of the kitchen space shall not be too small, the depth shall not be less than. M, and the face width shall not be less than. M


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