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  • All along, we have made electronic products more economical and practical through the application of semiconductor technology. Establish a world brand, serve the world and work together to create a beautiful world with sustainable development.

    We are based on honesty and keeping promises.

    We are consistent in our words and deeds, act with integrity, and operate our business in a socially responsible manner. Whether as a company or as a person, honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation of our foothold.

    We constantly explore the market and win with innovation.

    We conceive new technologies to provide excellent products, open up new markets and improve the competitiveness of the company. We are curious, persistent and determined to overcome many obstacles.

    We are dedicated to meeting challenges and pursuing the sustainable development of the enterprise.

    We unswervingly focus on semiconductor technology and keep lean. Provide more advantageous technologies and products to support the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.

    We achieve employee value and give back to the society.

    We continue to challenge ourselves to make the enterprise grow continuously. Let employees benefit and achieve value, gather more strength and responsibility, help others and give back to the society.

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