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    How to free sample application and related Q & A

    2021-8-13 9:43:28

    1. How to apply for samples?

    QQ, phone or email 317984258@qq.com Contact our specialist and fill in the sample form. Our company will give the specific delivery time and situation within 24 hours.

    2. How long does it take to review the application after it is submitted?

    After receiving the sample list, our company will review your application and give specific reply as soon as possible within 24 hours (excluding holidays).

    3. How long will it take to receive the sample if it is approved?

    According to the situation of each material, send it within 5 working days. Send it within 15 working days

    4. Why did my application fail?

    The sample application review passed the comprehensive evaluation of the system. There are many factors for reference. It may be that the contact information or project information you filled in does not accurately display your personal situation, resulting in the failure of the application. If you have any questions about the audit results, you can contact our Commissioner for help.

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